Local Roots celebrates Chinese New Year

  • Local Roots celebrates Chinese New Year
    Braxton Murphy-Cravn, age 8, leads an eager caravan of dancers and drummers in Local Roots’ traditional Dragon Dance. Dragons are valued as a symbol of Chinese culture and good luck. Rachael Schmidt/The Wooster Blade
  • James Bonk and Margaret Wee Siang Ng, assistant professors of Chinese and East Asian Studies at the College of Wooster, teach Chinese character writing, demonstrating how to write “zhu,” the Chinese character for pig. Rachael Schmidt/The Wooster Blade
  • Olive Sommers, 3, in qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, marks off her list from Local Roots’ Chinese Symbol Scavenger Hunt. Rachael Schmidt/The Wooster Blade
  • Fong Wong prepares dough to be folded into dumplings. According to Wong, making dumplings is a labor-intensive process, but also a family event, where members split the tasks of making dough and filling as well as rolling and pleating the dough. Rachael Schmidt/The Wooster Blade
  • Josie Sommers, age 4, finds a stuffed toy rat, one of the many stuffed animals scattered as clues throughout Local Roots for the Chinese Symbol Scavenger Hunt. Sommers has been a recurring visitor to Local Roots’ annual celebration of Chinese New Year since 2016. Rachael Schmidt/The Wooster Blade

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